19 Jan

RV and boat storage facilities are available throughout the country for people who have built their dreams on a boat or an RV. These come in many shapes and sizes and offer many features that are very handy for the traveling individual. Most people who own boats and RVs will have at least one of these storage areas somewhere on their property.

Boat and RV storage facilities are often run by a corporation that owns multiple buildings all with advanced security systems and parking. These corporations tend to be very large with many floors. The units are usually run separately from the home of the tenants. As with any self-contained storage building, it is vital that renters know where they are located within the facility, so they will know how to get there and what to do if they should need extra assistance. Some storage facilities such as Titan Storage will have a map or a brochure to give tenants, so they will know what is walking distance.

There are storage facilities for both recreational vehicles and boats. One of the biggest differences between the two is that boats are towed by a trailer while RVs are self-contained. If something should go wrong with the RV then it will be much easier to clean the self-contained unit since it is connected to the back of the home. Boat storage facilities may offer lots of parking spaces if the tenant does not need to tow the boat. It may be necessary to leave some RVs outside until the weather becomes reasonable for towing. Many boat storage facilities will offer rental periods for the various types of RVs and boats.

Many times rental periods will run a week at a time. If the week is not rented out completely then there may be extra fees involved for using the storage unit. Usually the canopy storage buildings are heated, which makes it much more comfortable inside than cold storage areas. Sometimes there is a fee for the use of a canopy, but this fee is often minimal. The use of a storage building is ideal when someone does not have the storage space needed for their recreational vehicle.

Access control is important when using this facility. Even though it is a storage building, people still want to be able to access their recreational vehicles whenever they desire. Some storage facilities have access control systems where the tenants can pay a fee to access the recreational vehicles when they desire. Other types of access control include a system that allows tenants to open the gates by a key, code or through a card reader.

There are many reasons to rent out an RV and boat storage space. Most people use these places when they have excess room in their homes and need a temporary place to keep their recreational vehicles while they are cleaning or remodeling their homes. Some people rent these spaces for vacation when they have no extra space in their homes and can't leave their recreational vehicles behind when they travel. Renting RV and boat storage makes economic sense for both the consumer and the landlord.

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